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Reader x Erwin - Everything's Alright
Reader x Erwin - Everything’s Alright
Title: Everything’s Alright
Fandom: Attack on Titan
Character: Erwin Smith
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Warnings: Overall cringe, possible OCC-ness
Intended Gender Audience: Neutral audience
Other comments: hhhh im slacking i know im sorry;; SPOILERS AHEAD PROCEED WITH CAUTION ;; please listen while you read
A few months ago, I found this song called "Everything's Alright" by Lauren Shigihara, and an idea came into my mind. In Chapter 84, as most of the people of the SNK fandom know, Erwin sadly passed away. But what if his wounds weren't as bad and he could be saved - even without the serum? So after the expedition, in the fanfic plotline thing, Erwin is injured but he can be saved, so he is taken back to the headquarters/thing where they take him back to and the reader tends to him until he is recovered again... It kind o
:iconmythiica:Mythiica 15 9
Apologia|Erwin Smith x Reader|
        You watched as the minute hand on the clock slowly ticked down the clock face to announce that it was ten till midnight. It felt like time had come to a standstill as you watched it count down the minutes, stuttering a bit each time. From where you sat on the chair, it seemed as if you were glued there, half hoping that it wasn’t going to go on like you knew it would. Turning to glance at the door, you wished it would open and he would walk through. But he didn’t.
      You eyed the plates in front of you without really feeling anything. You had worked hard on making his favorite food that his beloved mother had made for him as a child, despite knowing it was worthless. You had even managed to pull a promise from him that he would be home when he said he would. But the other side of the table sat empty and cold, while the food cooled and went to waste.
      What was even the point anymore? Why did you continu
:iconchanson-de-sirene:Chanson-de-sirene 35 13
A Pillow for the Commander [Drunk!Erwin x Reader]
---A Pillow for the Commander: [Drunk!Erwin x Reader]---
Author's Notes: In which the Reader, a junior officer in the Recon Corps, discovers that her superior is a little… cuddly when inebriated. Warnings for fluff, suggestive themes, alcohol and drunken snuggles. Hope you enjoy =3
The candle burned low upon the sleek mahogany desk, just barely illuminating the sheets of parchment that decorated your workspace. You rubbed your bleary eyes with the back of an ink-smudged hand. No wonder they strained! The hours had flown by before you even knew it. Now the day was nearly over, and the sun was setting beyond the horizon. Just where had the day gone?
Time certainly flies when one keeps herself busy!, You mused to yourself, setting your quill down. Only then did you notice the soreness in your writing hand. Six hours of non-stop paperwork were clearly taking their toll. And yet, as your eyes wandered about the office suite, you felt a sense of accomplishment. Judgi
:iconcherrypikkins:cherrypikkins 587 174
Beauty and the Beast (Reiner Braun x Reader)
He held her hand as the two of them headed towards the river to fetch pales of water. She constantly told him that holding her hand wasn't needed, but he insisted, saying that her protection was a must. She would laugh, and he would sneer at her, angry that she wasn't taking his bodyguard-like responsibility seriously. Once they reached the river he'd let go, replacing her hand with her now filled pale of water. She'd jokingly ask what he'd do if she was suddenly in danger, and he responded with, "I'd take 'em with these buckets of water! That should do the trick!".
They would find her mother outside tending their porch garden. As soon as she'd spot the two, she'd grab the pale out of the boy's hands and thank him, "Oh, Reiner, you're such a little gentlemen!".
The daily hand-holding routine continued until both realized that it held some sort of romantic significance at their age. At first, Reiner didn't seem phased by it, but seeing as she started to become uncomfortable, he sto
:iconkirschteinsparklez:kirschteinsparklez 437 55
we must be killers. | reiner
                                    c h i l d r e n of the wild ones
reiner had always been there for you-- in the difficult moments where you no longer believed in yourself, he encouraged you to continue. in the moments where you physically could not handle the harsh training, he always picked you up and dusted you off.
you loved him.
he had said those three words to you, but now, you weren’t sure if they were genuine. was he simply toying with you this whole time?
he had killed so many people; destroyed so many homes and families.
eyes meeting with his, a wave of emotions wash over you.
you still love him-- it was horrible, it was so wrong. but he had cared so deeply for you. but it was all lies.
“--are you going to kill me now?”
shock appears on his face, lips parting slightly in order to respond, but you continue speaking.
“are yo
:iconciiren:ciiren 222 34
The Viking's Maiden (Viking!Reiner x Reader)[Pt.1]
    Dark clouds smeared the early morning skies, it felt as if it were to rain. You thought of this as a good sign, perhaps the wilted crops in the fields would be saved. Dreary eyes scanned over the poverty stricken village, everyone was sick and hopeless; you turned your back on the silent village and entered your cottage to separate herbs.
   Your features were soft, but your hands were scarred from working in the fields and taking on jobs that were deemed a man's work. Living alone, you couldn't depend on anyone to do a task for you, seeing as most of the men were weak as well. Frail bodies and broken souls. The lands were ravaged by illness and vikings from far off lands, this all crushed your once thriving village with the sickness that infested humans and crops, and attacks that harbored nearby towns and cities that destroyed business' and trade
:iconladynecrotic:LadyNecrotic 150 71
I Swear I... (Warrior!Reiner x Reader)
“I swear I won't tell anyone!”
Those eyes.
Steely. Gold and cold.
You desperately tried to seek some semblance of humanity still remaining in them.
But you found nothing.
Nothing but the insatiable desire to harm, to hurt, to kill...
Why didn't you just keep your mouth shut? Why didn't you just button up those plush little lips of yours and pretend like you knew nothing?
You knew why.
Because you were stubborn, and ferociously honest. You believed, firmly so, that a person's soul died the moment they stopped being true to themselves. If you ever chose to kowtow and give up your own morals and justified opinions...well...never mind the Titans, or Shadis, or any other party who tried to hurt you, to doubt you.
When you gave in...that would be the moment you truly lost.
Yet it seemed like you had lost even in honesty. Perhaps sometimes it really was a better idea to lie. To plead ignorance. To sit there with your hands squeezed between your knees to keep t
:iconvanillametal:VanillaMetal 21 13
WARNINGS: Spoilers for latest manga chapters, read at your own risk
The water was cold. As always. It didn't surprise her as much as it used to.
She sat herself down slowly, palms curling over the rim of the tub. The water splashed around her hips and thighs, some leaving the tub and pooling on the floor. No thought in her mind crossed cleaning it up.
With her legs folded at the knee over the side of the bathtub, she leaned against the back wall, narrowed and half-lidded eyes watching the closed white door only a few feet away.
Look presentable.
She scoffed. He always told her to 'look presentable'. 'Look ready to be seen'.
She was damn tired of plastering on fake smiles for crowds that didn't appreciate them. She knew how Marley felt about the warriors returning with her. She knew it was a bad decision that a younger, much more naive girl made at a simpler time. She smirked - as if any of this was ever simple.
Two knocks sounded at the door before it opened without her s
:iconfandomderp:FandomDerp 8 4
These Dreams ( Erwin x Reader )
Disclaimer: I Do Not Own "Attack on Titan" or its characters
I walk through a field blooming with vibrant wildflowers. The air is fresh and crisp from the sweet aroma of the flowers that are at my feet. And beside me is my love. Our hands are intertwined and fit perfectly together as if they were puzzle pieces. I look up at him and see his handsome face looking straight ahead as the sun shines behind him making him look like an angel that has come down from heaven. He stops and turns to me to give me a smile and as he looked at me I couldn't help but become memorized by his smile and his beautiful blue eyes. He then gently lifts his hand to lovingly caress my cheek and leans forward until our foreheads touch and just as our lips were meeting, little squeals could be heard in the background. I turned my head to see two small, beautiful children running towards us with bright smiles. One child was a boy with smooth (h/c) hair and his eyes were a lovely shade of blue, an
:iconabby157:Abby157 16 2
Protected {Titan!Eren x Young!Reader}
    You wailed, not knowing what else to do anymore. Your Father and Mother had taken off with your older sister and had left you behind. The titans had gotten past the gate, and soon enough one of them was going to find you.
    You refused to move, huddled up in an alley way sobbing. How could your family leave behind one of their own children? Even though they always favored your perfect older sister, you thought they still loved you. Apparently, you were wrong.
    Large footsteps approached you, and you held your breath, choking back sobs. A large eye appeared at the end of the alley way, and you screamed. Standing up, you turned and ran out of the alley. You were now exposed, out in the open. You spun in a frantic circle, searching for safety though you were sure no place was safe anymore. You turned and saw a large titan headed for you, grinning madly. Gasping, you turned and tried to out-run the monster, but you knew it would catch u
:iconhusky-bear:Husky-Bear 913 210
Punk!Daddy!Levi x Teacher!Reader: Quick to judge
Being a kindergarten teacher was something that you had always inspired to be, you loved children so it was always the perfect job for you. There was always something about kindergarten that checked all the boxes, it was were children learned the basic skills to be able to continue on with there education, to go on an become something great. You loved the children you worked with just as equally as they loved you, teaching them made you happy.
You began you morning routine, before pulling on your work clothes they were never anything special, relaxed but professional. A pencil skirt and a blouse of a color that took your fancy and a black cardigan and learning from experience flat shoes (running after kids in heels was never a good idea). Another one of the benefits of being a kindergarten teacher was that there was never a lot of paperwork that you had to do, the less work you had to mark the more time you could spend with the children that you teach. It also took away the heavy bag m
:iconispiritual:iSpiritual 733 92
Thug!Levi x Child!Reader: Little light of mine
He was a thug, thief, murderer. All that was just a days work for Levi, being the notorious thug he is nothing fazed him that is what earned him his reputation - he had the ability to carry out hideous acts of cruelty and not bat an eyelid. 
Levi stalked around the dirty alleyways of the underground, this was the place he called home; after being thrown out by his parents he found that the underground could earn him a quick buck. Each time he found himself coming back more and more often he became involved with one of the most feared gangs and climbed up the ladder, from being a new recruit to being the boss all within a year.
The underground was a vast network were criminals could communicate with one another. Everything was on offer here; Drugs, illegal weapons, prostitutes. Everything. And to say that Levi owned a large part of it?
That fact alone disgusted him. 
He hated the life he created for himself but no matter how hard he tried he couldn't pull himself away f
:iconispiritual:iSpiritual 733 69
LevixAbused!Reader: Safe Comfort - |AU|
“I don’t care.”
That’s what you said that night when you jumped out your window and fled into the darkness.
But honestly, you did. You were intoxicated by never ending fear that ate you alive day by day. You would never admit that to others, though.
Fear used to stop you from leaving for the night. Now, it only crept into your soul when you thought about it.
Your favorite time of the day was when the sun would finally set and darkness would take its place. It was when your parents went to sleep, and you were a percent or two less than one hundred percent sure that they wouldn’t be seeking you till morning.
You arrived at a two story house half a mile away from yours, and you knocked on the door and waited, sitting on the welcome mat to ease the aching. You heard shuffling in the house before the door slammed open. There stood Levi wrapped in a blanket, one hand clutching the fabric, the other resting by his side in a fist.
“What the hell, it’s
:iconkatarinat:Katarinat 566 116
Addictive {Addict!Levi x Reader} [AU]

Warning: Drug use! If you're sensitive to this kinda stuff, then please keep this warning in mind.

He flexed his muscles, belt tightened around his upper arm and syringe gripped in the palm of his calloused hand. His veins were visible underneath his pale flesh, winding down his arms as the needle seeped past his skin and injected the toxin into his blood.
He felt that familiar rush that made his head spin and his teeth clench.
Heroin was his only release nowadays.
Ever since college drew to a close for him, he found the drug and sunk himself into the pits of addiction. At first, he did it through anger and depression from his bullshit childhood but when it led to you leaving him...his addiction grew worse.
You were the love of his life, the only person who ever accepted him with open arms and a warm smile that always made his heart beat against the frame of his chest.
Levi met you in college on the very first day of his very first class. You sat next to the only vacan
:iconkatsuhana:Katsuhana 410 78
Fresco (Part 3) (Erwin Smith x Reader)
After that lunch with Erwin, you two certainly did become closer. You learned about the girl that he liked, the one that married his former best friend. You  learned about his family and about why he joined the military. Though you learned quite a bit, so did he. The things he learned were just as dark, for instance he learned about your night terrors after the titan attack.
It was thanks to these secrets that the two of you became close, so close that you saw each other every day. Erwin had made a point to walk you home every night from work and you had even begun to paint a picture for him.
Sadly, your treks together were cut off one day when he had to work a late shift. You, trained to wait for him to appear, sat in the studio, forgetting to watch the time. The sky became dark and the clocks began to chime, making you drop your paintbrush at once. There wasn’t enough time to clean off the oil, none the less get to your home before it was too dangerous. Heart beating fast,
:iconnellykashi:NellyKashi 5 1
Caligo ~ WWI!AU!{Soldier!Erwin x Reader}
Erwin's POV:
Without the blood, the land was originally covered with white. It was like God himself pulled a wintry blanket over the Earth on a chilly night, or like the way one would put on a sweater when the weather grew nippy. But droplets of blood soaked in the sheets of ice, and the droplets grew into buckets.
It haunted me.
I hated snow.
The sky was red mixed with oil. It was as if an artist was painting, but unintentionally spilled inky paint over his masterpiece. Such a shame, I bitterly thought. It was a pretty color, but it somehow remained beautiful all the same... Remarkably beautiful. 
Underneath the devastating heavens above was a town flung apart. Concrete and wooden homes tumbled and moaned. Blood streamed until it dried and crusted on the road, like chunks of bark endlessly floating in a river. Bodies of soldiers, women, and children were planted on the ground and seemed like they were permanently glued there.
Apart from everything else, I wanted to go home. Every
:iconpostie-toastie:postie-toastie 62 31


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Hello people!

I haven’t been here for a while but I’m coming back with one HUGE craving but by the looks of it, I don’t think many of you are interested so I’m pretty skeptical about posting this :( but hey hey, I’ll try.

So, as the title suggests, I’m looking for One Piece roleplay partners! Message me and I’ll love you forever <33333

It’s one long ass anime and I’m not entirely up to date with the manga but I’m pretty much on point with the anime and main event but overall, I’m flexible and can improvise if needed. I don’t know what else to add… I could ramble for hours but I’m not sure if I’ll get any messages e.e so, my e-mail address is, and I’ll hear more from you there, if interested!

My rp rules are the same old ones, so I’ll just give you a quick link to it. Sorry, it’s not like the others with pretty pictures or nice editing ;-; but it’s just to give you a small idea of what kind of roleplayer I am.…


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