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Hello! I’m Enmar and I’m a 21 year old college student looking for something to cure my boredom :) I’ve been in to roleplay for quite a while now and wouldn’t want to stop now xD

I've been on hiatus for the past months so I currently have no partners, reason why I'm looking forward on making some new friends for some fun :3

I like to be descriptive and make myself understood so there are a few things I’d like to write regarding “my style”. As You can guess from the title, my current cravings are Naruto and Once Upon a Time but if you're really interested in more, we can discuss other fandoms yet I want to confess that I'm more in to movies/tv shows/games than in the anime D: (Haven't watched too many of those >.<)
If interested, leave me a note with your e-mail address so I can contact you =o=






Length, spelling and grammar:

I don’t expect an essay for response but please… no one or two liners. I simply love long and detailed replies which give me so much to work with and help me avoid writer’s block. I understand if from time to time your answer won’t be always long or full of substance, it happens to everyone, but just don’t make a habit out of it.

Although I usually try to match my partner’s length and amount of detail, I like to write extra paragraphs but don’t abuse of it (as in, always expecting huge replies for your part while I only receive one little paragraph). Mostly, I type around 3-4 paragraphs, depending on what I’m given and on my inspiration. Sometimes I write less sometimes more.

As for spelling and grammar, I understand if you make a few mistakes, English is not my maternal language so I myself make mistakes, but as long as you try your best and your text is easy to read and understand, I’m fine with it.

I write in paragraphs and third person but if you are not comfortable with it, it’s ok, write however you feel most comfortable.


There is nothing I love more than when I log and see my inbox full of messages, it proves that you are interested. I’m also open to chat outside the rp, I find this very important because I really want to get to know my partner. By doing so, and by discussing the replies we get, I will start to figure out what you like best and what you don’t, and it will overall increase the quality of my replies. Also, if we are on the friendly side, I think it will be more comfortable for each of us to express our small desires or on the contrary, build the courage to speak our mind in case there are some things we want to change/fix without feeling bad for pointing it out.



Obviously, we both have our lives, reason why I may not always reply immediately. Usually, depending on my time, I either give one-two replies per day or one every three days (it depends on the time-zone and on the length of the reply). I’d prefer a partner who can send me a reply at least once a week. If more days pass without receiving any message, I will assume that you wish to drop the rp. I’m not a hypocrite, if you have issues or lack time because of school etc, just message me and let me know that you will be a little late. I’m from Europe so if you are from across the Ocean, don’t panic if I don’t always reply immediately.

Do not waste both of our time, please! If you are planning to ditch me after three replies for no good reason (laziness is NOT a reason), don’t message me at all. If you don’t like my style or replies, I’m very open minded and I accept constructive criticism, just don’t ditch because you are too shy to tell me that you don’t like the way I write or if you don’t like your crush. I'm a human just like you, trust me when I say that I don't have an extra pair of teeth xD 



Before we start the RP, I like to discuss with my partner a solid plot so that we make sure we won’t get in to a dead end, resulting in a boring role play when we both try to pull something out, but unsuccessfully.

Do not message me with “well, I don’t know” or “we should just see what happens.”

I know this sounds pretty annoying but it’s not hard. I will not ask for I don’t know what plot-twisting stuff, just small things which can allow me to associate your OC with your crush. I am aware that everyone pictured a certain scenario, please don’t be shy and share your fantasies with me! I can improve them and adapt them to our roleplay. I also won’t ask you to create a novel for my side, I will let you know what I have in mind and how I would like for things to go. From there, you can interpret it in any way you want.

In other words, let me know what you want for your side and I will let you know what I want for mine. It’s easier and everyone gets what they want!

As for AUs, I’m not very comfortable with them, so I’d rather not (except if you have a really irresistible idea).



By all means, do not message me with “Hey, wanna rp?” I don’t like to pull information out of potential partners. So, from out first exchange of messages, I'd like to find out at least these:

-which fandom are you interested in

- a link to your OC (if you have it posted. If not, we will share by email)

- your love interest

-which are your limits and rules (if you have any besides mine)

- plot ideas (or preferences/suggestions ~ this can be further discussed after we get a look on each other’s OC)

- anything else you might want to add.

I don’t have a strict rule on who starts, but I’d be grateful if you would it ^^' It makes me more comfortable with your style.

Love interests:

I usually have a back-up crush in case I have to give him up but mainly I have only one character I really really like so I’d appreciate if you’d play him T.T

 I will also gladly accept OCxOC (your oc x my oc), as long as it’s male x female (but just a heads up, I only have female characters :< )

What I want to ask you is to keep my crush in character (unless of course, it’s your OC)! I will try my best to do the same for you and if you believe that I fail at it, please let me know so I can fix it! Before we start, I tend to do a rigorous research for the character(s) I have to play for my partner but sometimes that’s not enough so, once again, if I make mistakes, even small ones, shout :3 and I’ll make your lover just as demanding, sweet or insane as you like ^^

I’m also open to do triangles.

Controlling OCs:

Definitely I won’t cry if you control my OC from time to time (like a replica or moving her from a place to another), sometimes the plot asks it. I never controlled another’s Oc but, I don’t consider mine a sanctuary so I don’t find a reason why I should be bothered. 


My OCs:

I think that until now you figured out how much I love to write details, so… my OC info is pretty long. This is why I’d like to ask you to read all of it. There are details which will help shape the rp and the story so skipping them is not an option. I always read every single detail of my partner’s OC so I expect the same from you. A little interest flatters me greatly. If there are certain aspects you don’t like regarding my OC (or can’t stand), we can discuss and I can change them!

Other characters:

Most likely our characters won’t be the only ones involved in the story. Side characters will not always be included in the rp since there must be moments when the characters share some intimacy, but when they do show up, what they say and how they act is very important. I’d appreciate if we’ll play them equally.



Mary Sues/ Gary Stues:

I’m very tolerant therefore, I won’t mind, as long as you won’t steal the “spotlight” all the time. No one likes when his partner’s OC is the sole character receiving attention.

But still, my tolerance has a limit. You can have a very powerful character, but if you do, make that power credible.



My roleplays have a pretty mature approach and are far from being “clean” since that would be boring. Therefore, I have no limits regarding language, violence and sex. In fact, I am craving for a “smutty” rp so don’t be shy to ask ^.~

What I’m not ok with is extreme gore, “furries” and incest. Another thing I’m not comfortable with is romance between people with the same sex. I don’t feel capable of doing it.


I hate being ditched but sometimes… I do it too. And that happens only when the story is getting lame, mainly because my partner loses interest and doesn’t care about making things interesting for my side.

But on the contrary, if there is a good story on, if you’re overall nice and creative, have a nice and interesting OC, we both play a fair number of OCs, you sometimes surprise me with something new and intriguing, I will remain extremely faithful!


Have fun!

In rest, I’m a pretty nice girl and I hope we get along well. If you agree with everything, then it’s no doubt that we will have a nice and serious roleplay! During the RP, if there are things which you are not content with in my style, don’t be shy and let me now, I want to improve and make the roleplay experience pleasant for both of us.

If you read until here, I am aware that you might find me selfish, always being super concerned of “my side” and I apologize because… I’m not like that. Your part of the reply is the most important for me and I will always try to add small surprises, characters, events or anything that would either “heat” things up or catch you by surprise. I pay a lot of attention to your crush(es) and anyone who comes in contact with your OC to not make things boring or childish, even if my first two-three replies will be sloppy until I become comfortable with the characters. You have no idea how deeply disappointed I am with myself when a partner slows his replies or abandons the rp, it makes me feel as if I failed playing those characters and failed maintaining his interest. In other words, I’m putting a serious effort in the roleplay, so this is why I get irritated when people take advantage of my dedication and show little to none interest for what quality I receive.



Phew, that’s all!

Well, thank you for bearing with me!

If you wish to roleplay with me, please leave me a note with your e-mail address so I can contact you. I forgot to add that I roleplay mostly by e-mail!


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